The Studio Archives

Every seasoned artist like me has a studio archive. Usually there is a 30+ year accumulation of miscellaneous notes, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs, collected things, art supplies and tools, and in the case of collage artists, endless amounts of found materials for making collages.

The studio is a secret world and a haven for the artist working in it. When visitors happen in they are usually fascinated by the artistic working environment.

Photo of my in my studio in Fort Worth, Texas around 2005-06

In my case I have also created a long term project called the Ontological Museum the collection of which been crowd sourced over years of projects and interactions with other artists. There are thousands upon thousands of items in the collection. Among this collection are 10-15 thousand vernacular photographs that I have collected and I intend to use many of these as NFTs. From my own work I am minting tokens of examples of asemic writings that I have made and currently I am uploading a collection of fluxface drawings.

As I get more and more saturated in the NFT environment, there is no telling what I will be dreaming up. So please sign up for my newsletter so that I can communicate with you what is going on at any given time.

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