Become a Crypto Investor

It is impossible to be a digital collector without first becoming a Crypto investor. By this I mean setting up accounts that allow you to trade crypto coins and tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other exciting digital assets such as NFTs.

The hard part is figuring out how to get started. So I am going to give you a simple todo list of how to get started.

  1. Set up a account which is a crypto exchange. With this link you and me will each make $10 worth of free bitcoin when you buy your first 100+ bucks worth of coins..
  2. Set a connection on to your bank.
  3. Load some money into your account or just directly buy coins from your bank account
  4. Buy something. You can’t go wrong with Bitcoin or Ethereum but I might also suggest Matic, Solana, or Polkadot.
  5. Now you are a crypto investor!
  6. If you want to now set up for buying NFTs you will want to download Metamask app to your phone which is an online wallet and put a few hundred bucks in this wallet. And you can also add Metamask to your internet browser.
  7. Now you are ready to go over to and buy some of my NFTs!
  8. To make easy yield on you crypto while you build up your positions, I suggest setting up an account with Celsius. Go to the app store on your phone and download the CELSIUS NETWORK APP & USE THE REFER CODE 139600a34a and get $50 bucks of bitcoin for you and $50 for me when you transfer your first 400 bucks of any crypto from coinbase to celsius.
  9. So, by the end of this whole process you will have $60 of free bitcoin AND all set up to count yourself among the 4% of the world population who own crypto.