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Above is a NFT available here:

Ok, so, here is the first post on a blog that I hope will provide continuous banter and ongoing ‘drops’ of new digital collectables. I am just getting started with this idea. While I have been marginally interested and traded in crypto currency since the last bubble in late 2017-18, it wasn’t until this bubble starting in early 2021 that I got a little more serious with it and actually heard of NFTs which are unique , usually one of a kind digital token collectables that are accompanied by a smart contract that is like a title to the digital content attached to it.

There is something very cool about this idea and I think, now that the art world is getting involved with non fungible tokens, there are going to be some very interesting things that will be happening in the coming years. Since this non fungible token market has mostly been developed as a result of the emerging crypto currency market, the focus for NFTs has been around digital artists whose works have been having a hard time getting traction in the broader art market. NFTs are helping to change that dynamic as we go into the future.

Myself, I have never had that much interest in making purely digital works of art although the advances in that field have been spectacular and complex over the last 20 years. It is still emerging but things are currently well developed from a technological point of view.

I am no expert in anything that I will be talking about on this blog so be forewarned. While I have been online since 1994, I have utterly no formal background in computers except whatever I have taught myself so that I could do the things that I needed to do mostly as a visual artist. I think the Internet and digital technology are fantastic inventions and that it has changed the world in profound ways that we still do not understand.

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Then there are some virtual reality sites where you can display your niftys. This will probably be the way people will enjoy their collections in the future. Plus, once you own it you can resell it, hopefully at a big profit in the future. Then you can collect more.

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