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Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Niftys are a new emerging art market of digital collectables created by the development of crypto currency and its market. For the artist this is an excellent new way to share works with their collectors. For collectors this is a fun way to collect art without running out of wall space.

Niftys can be acquired and resold on Nifty markets like As this market matures and artists adapt to this new environment, we should see a robust expansion of this arena.

Rare Opportunity

As an engaged and prolific artist, a great deal of my work, research and experiments never leave the studio. Even with a strong national market only so many works can be presented for exhibition and placement. The ability to share works on paper, drawings, collected photographs, etc. allows me to share things that otherwise might not be seen for another hundred years. So I see the NFT market as a rare opportunity to make available small works, experiments and marginalia for those interested in a deeper dive into my oeuvre.

Statement of Intent

The intended use of this site it to provide aspiring digital collectors a peak into my studio and thought process that helps to provide more context and narrative into the digital content I am making available.

I will also try to explain the best that I can how to go about the process of wrapping your mind around this new way of doing things. I am sure I will often get it wrong since I grew up in a completely different world but I am trying to bridge the gap.

My main artist website is at but I decided to set up exclusively for highlighting my digital NFTs or Touchon Tokens.